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Ardbeg AN OA

I have read some mixed reviews on this but was never swayed from the purchase once I found it at the right price ($50). I have to admit that my last bottle of Oogie was a bit of a dud...not bad by any means but not up to par for what you expect from Oogie. That said this reminds be a bit of the oogie in that it’s sweet Ardbeg and in their core range it’s this and oogie for the sweet peat. While I am not happy to see another NAS join the ranks of Ardbeg I am happy with the end result of this.

Smelling the An Oa will give you the familiar seaweed, vanilla and pepper you expect in Ardbeg but also some citrus and chocolate

Tasting is much like a neutered oogie...but in a good way. It’s actually much sweeter than the oogie but certainly shares a lot of similarities. Sweet, peat, seaweed, dried red fruits and spice/pepper with vanilla.

The Finish is a bit short but tasty. Sweet Peat, Sherried Red Fruits, and seaweed/sea salt.

It’s Ardbeg - can it really be bad?

Overall Grade: B

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