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Chapter 7 Prologue Batch #2 - Blind Tasting #3 - Flaviar Advent Calendar 2022

Flaviar Advent Calendar (2022) - The Depths of Whiskey. Whiskey #3 - 47% abv.

The smell is almost like a vanilla cake. Sweet sugar icing, overly sweet sugar smell, vanilla, barley sugar, honey, and light tropical fruit. Very intense, almost too sweet of a smell

The taste is sweet and sour. Sweet vanilla and sour green apples. Honey, kiwi/melon, and light oak.

The finish is medium to long. The vanilla and fruits hang around, while the sour grips your tongue.

This is a very interesting whisky. Almost a little too sweet for me...almost. Reminds me of the Compass Box Asyla or maybe even the Artists blend. I have no idea what this is but it’s pretty decent. Depending on the price I’d have this on the shelf.

Overall Grade: B (Good)

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