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Bruichladdich - The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley

Bruichladdich - The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley 50% abv, Non Chill Filtered and Natural Color

Bruichladdich is a brand we like around here. I love that they are all about sourcing anything they can’t do on their own from local Islay or at least other Scottish farmers. I have always found their Port Charlotte expressions quite nice but this is my first time trying the classic laddie. I assume this is the NAS version to replace their 10yr old in the same turquoise opaque bottle.

The smell is fresh grass, barley, barley sugar, banana, honey. Very nice

The taste is quite hot at first. Definitely get a huge blast of alcohol. Give this one a few extra minutes in the glass. After the alcohol blast is sea salt, honey, vanilla, burnt sugar.

The finish is dry orange peel, spice, clove and sea salt.

This is part of the Wee Laddie Tasting Collection I picked up. As I mentioned above I was already familiar with their Port Charlotte and Peat Project offerings but wanted to try a few of their non-peated whiskies.

The Classic Laddie is decent and I am certainly happy to have tried it but I probably won’t be running out to grab a bottle of it as it sits around $55-$60 around here.

Overall Grade: C

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