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Writers' Tears - Copper Pot - Blind Tasting #17 - Flaviar Advent Calendar 2022

Flaviar Advent Calendar (2022) - The Depths of Whiskey. Whiskey #17. Product of Ireland, 40% abv.

The smell is pleasant and very light. Vanilla, honey, cooked red fruit and fresh green apple.

The taste - light, but spicy. Cooked red fruit, sweet vanilla, and honey. The spice is a red fruit spice but a nice bit of fresh ginger and green apples as well. Very nice.

The finish is - short but pleasant. Apples and ginger spice carry it to the end.

This is very enjoyable. Happy to have it on the shelf anytime depending on the price. It isn’t the most complex but it delivers a nice experience.

Overall Grade: B (Good)

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