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Two Stacks - The Blender's Cut Cask Strength - Blind Tasting #8 - Flaviar Advent Calendar 2022

Flaviar Advent Calendar (2022) - The Depths of Whiskey. Whiskey #8. Product of Ireland. 65% abv.

The smell reminds me of vodka. Very light and mostly an alcohol burn, rubbing alcohol. A very small amount of red fruit, but mostly rubbing alcohol. After three full teaspoons of water I pick up a bit of bacon which is weird. In my opinion, this isn’t starting out too good.

The taste is similar to the smell. It really drinks more like vodka to me than whisky. I appreciate the high abv, but I can’t seem to pull any real flavors out yet, due to the rubbing alcohol taste,and smell, that never fades.

The finish is medium to long but it’s unpleasant.

This is a real disappointment, as I enjoy Irish whiskies. I was excited to see “Product of Ireland” on the vile, but I have to say this is the worst of the bunch so far. I can’t get past the vodka qualities of it. It’s all alcohol burn and rubbing alcohol taste.

Overall Grade: F (Eventually poured it out)

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