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Wolfburn - Blind Tasting-C

Wolfburn Northland 46% Natural Color, Non Chill Filtered

This Wolfburn I got in my Flaviar tasting kit. This was my first time using them (thank you to my awesome wife for subscribing to this service) but it wasn’t my first time tasting Wolfburn. A while back I had purchased a bottle at the normal but high startup distillery price of $60. What I received reminded me of that exact bottle and it was good. Reminds me of a young Talisker.

Smelling this one really makes me think of a young Talisker….which is a really good thing. Pepper, Vanilla, Spice, Soft Peat, Slightly vegetal. Really nice

Taste is full of Pepper, Spice, Citrus Rind, Soft Peat Smoke.

The Finish is more of the lingering peat smoke and orange carrying it out.

Overall I really like this. My only problem is that Wolfburn (like so many other younger distilleries) have a ton of startup costs which get passed on to the consumer. I can’t find this bottle for less than $60 and in that price point I can do much better. However if you are looking to try something different and get a good craft presentation I strongly suggest you give this a try. I am looking forward to what Wolfburn produces in the future. In fact I am looking forward to trying their current releases that I haven’t been able to get my hands on. The whisky alone is great. The price point is my only hangup on this.

Overall Grade: B (based on the Whisky alone)

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