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Tullamore DEW 15 Year Old

Tullamore DEW 15 Trilogy 40% abv.

Tullamore DEW is a pretty cool brand. I like that they are willing to try all kinds of different things with their whiskies (cider cask finish, rum cask finish) and this one – the 15 yr Trilogy that is a combo of wood maturation (bourbon, oloroso sherry, and rum casks). The biggest complaint I have for this one is that it’s neutered down to the legal minimum of 40% abv. Everything about this is pleasant and easy drinking but lacking any real substance. Here is what Tullamore DEW says about it

The smell is pretty nice – red fruits, banana, strawberry, green apples. It’s a bright fresh clean fruit smell.

The taste is very nice but lacking any real definition. Some soft fruit, light spice, soft vanilla. It’s slightly fruity and sweet and has a very pleasant taste but just lacking anything that really stands out.

The finish is much like the taste – pleasant but short. Red fruits, light clove spice and a little heat.

This is a tough one for me because it is really nice and easy to drink. I believe the age shows well even though it’s watered down to 40%.....I’ve tasted plenty of inferior whiskies at 40% that still give off a lot of alcohol burn. That’s not the case here. As much as I enjoy this it’s hard for me to justify this price. This was close to $80 and I can tell you that the Tullamore DEW Phoenix (review to come later) is WAY better than this one and $20 cheaper. Tullamore DEW 15 Trilogy is a really nice whiskey and if you have the cash to burn go ahead and grab it – it’s certainly tasty but it’s just a bit boring. The combination of it being watered down and the price point is my hang up on this. If it were priced right and provided at 46-50% I would probably give this a much better rating. As it is – It’s good and tasty and I’ll happily drink it so long as I never have to pay this $80+ price again.

Overall Grade: C

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