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Old Weller Antique 107

Old Weller Antique 107 (53.3 abv):

One of the few wheated bourbons out there, however it appears that more and more are making their way to the market. To be honest, the only other wheated bourbons I’ve had is Makers and Larceny. It’s sweet and full of full of cinnamon and fruit and alcohol heat until you water it down just a bit.

Smelling this one is a bit odd if you’ve never been exposed to the wheated bourbons but it’s nice, you get Caramel, sweet corn, vanilla.

The taste is full of sweet vanilla, corn, and spice from the heat.

The Finish is more of the same with Vanilla, warm spice, fruit.

Old Weller 107 is definitely a good wheated bourbon. Not something I want every day but when I am in the mood for a wheated bourbon this is an excellent choice. You don’t need water to sip this but it’s certainly recommended to tone down the sweet spice a litter and bring out some additional flavors. This is also one half of the poor man’s pappy so there’s that.

Overall Grade: B

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