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Old Pulteney 17 Year

Old Pulteney 17yr old, 46%, Natural Color, NCF

Unfortunately this along with the 21yo is officially discontinued from the OP core line. They kept the 12yr old which is always a great value but replaced the 17yo and 21yo with a 15yo and an 18yo which I haven’t been able to try yet. The 17yo is honestly one of the best relatively affordable whiskies I have ever tasted. It takes all of the normal honey and sea salt and fruit flavors you expect from OP to another more intense level with craft style presentation.

Smelling this is excellent - Fresh fruit, Honey, Apple, Pineapple, sea salt, floral (“who’s gonna clean up all these damn flowers”?) and citrus

The Taste on this is excellent - Spicy fruit, honey, vanilla, green apple, bitter fruit rhine, pineapple, burnt sugar, sea salt, seaweed, very light smoke. Just excellent and full of flavor

The Finish is mostly long with spice, sour apple, honey, salt, light seaweed.

Anyone get my Coming to America reference above?

Since this is discontinued you probably won’t find it cheap. Normally I was able to pick up for around $100. Some of the local shops around me still have some inventory and sell it for about $120. Whatever you can find it for I would suggest picking up a bottle if you have the means. If you are new to OP you can always find the 12yo at a reasonable price and start there. If you like the 12 you should get the 17. The price jump is worth it.

Overall Score – A

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