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Old Forester 1910

Old Forester 1910 46.5% Non-Chill Filtered, Natural Color

Old Forester isn’t one of my bourbon staples at the house and there is no good reason for that. Honestly it’s that I drink more scotch than bourbon so I keep less of it around. This 1910 bottle was a recommendation and it’s honestly one of the best bourbons if for no other reason than it’s maybe the most unique bourbon I’ve tasted.

The smell is awesome. Marshmallow, buttercream, cherries, chocolate, dark red fruit

The taste is excellent cherries, syrup, chocolate, burnt corn, raisins

The finish is more of the cherries, syrup and red fruits with brown sugar.

Overall thoughts – I’ve never tasted anything like this – it’s like an assortment of buttercream and cherry cream filled syrup chocolate candy. Bourbons are generally sweet and that is what’s both good and bad about them but this is odd in that it’s very sweet that is definitely different and worth seeking out. I will certainly stock more bottles of this in the pantry.

Overall Grade: A

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