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Noble Oak - Bling Tasting #13 - Flaviar Advent Calendar 2022

Flaviar Advent Calendar (2022) - The Depths of Whiskey. Whiskey #13. Product of USA, 48% abv.

The smell is butterscotch, vanilla, honey, and a fresh clean mint spice. The smell is really nice.

The taste is sour banana, tart cherries, and a strong wax feel but you can also taste the mild bitter waxiness too. Some sour dried red fruit and spiciness.

The finish is medium to long with sour red fruit and spice lingering the longest.

This is the second vile in a row from this advent calendar to have a strong wax quality to it. That may appeal to some but it isn’t a quality I prefer in whisky. The sour fruits and spice were nice but the wax thing takes away from the experience for me.

Overall Grade: C (Average)

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