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Mezcal Trio for Cinco de Mayo

Mezcal Trio for Cinco de Mayo:

I like Mezcal but I am certainly not well versed in it. I have had a limited experience and budget with Mezcal but I have found a few that I like. In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo I am sampling 2 Sacrificio’s and an El Silencio


Sacrificio Joven – Eh – I’ll pass on this one

Sacrificio Reposado - Very good.

El Silencio Joven – Very good.

Sacrificio Joven:

The smell on this is smoke and pepper

The taste of this is pepper, clay, smoke and alcohol burn.

The finish is more pepper and smoke.

Overall this one isn’t for me. It has the normal mezcal traits but nothing outstanding. I think bottles of this are maybe around $35-$40 and I personally wouldn’t pay that. Actually I’m not interested in this at all.

Sacrificio Reposado:

The smell is smoke and pepper, vanilla, sugar.

The taste is a nice smoked agave flavor, a nice mix of sweet vanilla and pepper and sweet menthol

The finish keeps the smoke and sweet menthol.

Overall this is good. It’s much better than it’s Joven brother. It’s amazing what just a small amount of cask aging can do. I think the price on a bottle of this is about $40-$45 and I would certainly purchase this one again.

El Silencio Jovan:

The smell on this one is nice and clean. Soft smoke and light pepper. Some light fruit like apples and pears. Really nice.

The taste is soft smoke, vanilla, pepper, sweet agave – it’s light and soft but I really enjoy it.

The finish is light smoke, sweet and pepper.

Overall this is really nice. I think it’s about $40-$45 dollars and to me this was well worth it.

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