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Glenfarclas 18 Year

I always enjoy the Glenfarclas whiskies so I was excited to get my hands on this 18yr old bottled for travel retail stores. This one is a bit interesting. It certainly has the right age on it but not getting the depth of an 18yr old sherry bomb I would expect.

The smell of this is full of baking spice and dried fruits, also get some dark chocolate and some apples.

The taste of this is really nice. It’s spicy with red fruits and green apples. Raisins and dark chocolate. This is basically giving you what the smell indicated.

The finish is moderately long with the spice carrying throughout.

This isn’t the sherry bomb that the 105 is but it’s a nice whisky. I can’t find these locally so I had to get these from auction. I had to pay $86 to get this bottle with all fees were added. I really enjoy this one but temper your expectations. This is more of a refined sherried whisky. Don’t get this and expect the punch you get from the 105 or the Aberlour A’Bundah’s.

Overall Grade: B

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