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Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength

Glenfarclas 105, 60%, NAS

This is a cask strength Glenfarclas that will definitely kick you in the ass. It is basically the cask strength sherry bomb that isn’t Aberlour. After giving it some time it’s surprisingly drinkable at cask strength but early on you definitely get hit with all the alcohol. This one needs time and water but it’s worth the effort.

Smelling this after some time the Alcohol burn goes away and you get some of the normal sherry bomb smells. Dried Red Fruits, cranberry, orchard fruits, apple, pear, sweet cherries.

The taste (neat) is Bitter red fruits, cranberry and vanilla. With Water – more of the darker/drier red fruits come out. Figs, dates, raisins as well as apple, pear and bitter orange peel.

The finish is Long, sweet, vanilla, baked apple, spice, burnt sugar turning bitter.

Smelling and tasting neat starts slow but adding water gets you past the alcohol and really brings out the expected smells of a sherry bomb. I love the transition this whisky takes over time. These bottles aren’t cheap but I have been lucky to score a few off auction sites for about $70 all in. I haven’t seen them on the shelves around here for less than $80 and usually it’s around $100. Even at $100 it’s probably worth the effort with the crazy whisky prices of today.

Overall Grade: A

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