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Fistful of Bourbon - Blind Tasting #1 - Flaviar Advent Calendar 2022

Flaviar Advent Calendar (2022) - The Depths of Whiskey. Whiskey #1. - 45% abv.

Advent calendar whiskies are always fun. If you don’t cheat you get to blind 24 whiskies and most likely be surprised at how much or little you like something when you take the brand and bottle labels out of the equation.

The smell reminds me of the Tennessee whiskies. Almond and light corn husk smells are dominant, also get some oak, vanilla, and rye spice

The taste also makes me think of Tennessee whiskey. Sweet corn but it’s a light thin corn and vanilla taste. The spice really picks up after the first sip. It’s a little hot, so that adds to the spice feel but I’m definitely getting some of that rye menthol taste. It’s actually more dominant than anything else. It takes a while to show up, but when it does, it’s the only thing you taste.

The finish is relatively long due to the spice blast lingering around.

This is an interesting start to the advent calendar but this isn’t something I would seek out. This reminds me of a high-rye Tennessee whiskey, which isn't a bad thing, it’s just not a style I search for. If you are into high-rye Dickel’s and MGP this could be one you like. I could be totally wrong about the Tennessee thing. We will find out when I scan the QR code and see what this is.

Overall Grade: C (Average)

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