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Filibuster Boondoggler

Filibuster Boondoggler 45% abv

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than with a bottle of Filibuster Boondoggler?

Filibuster distillery was originally founded in DC but now operate out of Maurertown, VA. According to the bottle this was distilled in both Virginia and Indiana. I appreciate that they aren’t trying to hide their sourcing of MGP (which isn’t a bad thing) and blending it with their own distillate. They even make mention to this on their site. Now – the Boondoggler is aged in 5 barrels so we will see how/what difference that makes. I also love that they are committed to keeping it local to Virginia – Kudos on that.

Filibuster says this about the Boondoggler:

““The Boondoggler” is a wholly different approach to blending. We use various mash bill elements, including Corn, Barley & Rye and a wide selection of barrels to achieve a complex and flavorful Whiskey like nothing else out there. Our proprietary aging method includes time in New American White oak, Red & White wine-seasoned French oak, and Fino & Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks. “The Boondoggler” is neither a Bourbon or a Rye in the traditional sense, but combines elements of both for a one of a kind taste experience.”

The smell is Corn, Caramel, Rye Spice, Vanilla – good but nothing too exciting

The taste is Caramel, dusty corn, sweet corn, light spice, gingerbread cookies – good and some unexpected flavors with a splash of water.

The finish is short but flavorful.

I have to admit that this one started off a bit rough for me but certainly got better over time.

This is pretty decent stuff and at $25/bottle I would recommend this all day. There is something to be said for pricing your product accurately. I am looking forward to trying their Rye and will report back once I do.

Overall Grade: B (bonus points for pricing appropriately)

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