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Few - Blind Tasting-B

Few Rye Whiskey 46.5%

This was the third sample in my Flaviar kit and it was the one that was the most impressive. I really enjoy Rye whiskies and have been spoiled a bit with some very good local (mid-atlantic) 100% Rye offerings from Catoctin Creek (reviews pending). So often times I will purchase some MGP “Rye” whiskey knowing that I am getting 95/5 at best but often times the measly 51% Rye requited to make it “Rye” whiskey. Sometimes the label tells me what I am buying but most times not. I slowly became more demanding of Rye whiskies and found that my Rye purchases were more and more limited. I had always been intrigued by FEW and I had read many good reviews but I just couldn’t justify a $60+ price tag on something I couldn’t sample. So I continued with what I knew (Catoctin Creek) and that was my go to Rye and was what I measured other Rye whiskies against with most not fairing too well….Until now. On to the FEW Rye Review

The Smell on this is aggressive and full of green fresh dill rye spice. Just a huge blast of fresh dill rye spice. Caramel, Citrus Peel and Grass

The Taste is surprisingly soft - caramel, corn sweetness and vanilla at first then a nice blast of fresh earthy dill/rye spice. Lots of good flavor and spice

The finish is long with some good dusty fading dill spice and vanilla finishing it out.

This is a real nice whisky and worth the price of admission. Even at $60+ it’s worth picking up if you like Rye whiskies. Good job FEW!

Overall Score: A

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