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Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon

Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon 46% Non-Chill Filtered, No Coloring

This is my first time trying Clyde May’s. Unlike many of the bourbons out there, Clyde May’s doesn’t try and trick you into thinking this is their product. I like that they tell you on the label that this is distilled in Kentucky, bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery. It sounds as if they are going to start making this in Alabama, so eventually this will be 100% Alabama whiskey. In the meantime, we have a sourced Kentucky whisky that’s bottled in Alabama and I am perfectly fine with that because of the transparency. Their site says this is 4-5 years old.

The smell is pretty nice - fresh sweetness to it. Sweet Corn, Dill, Brown Sugar

The taste is a bit dusty, sweet corn, oak, green ripe fruit, spice, caramel

The finish still has the sweet dusty corn and some caramel.

Overall I like this. It reminds me a bit of the newer NAS Elijah Craig and at $25 this is a steal. I think it’s usually around $40 and I would still be okay with it at that price point.

Overall Grade: B

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