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Breuckelen 77 Local Rye & Corn

77 Whiskey Rye and Corn 45%abv

It’s Belmont weekend. The 3rd leg of the Triple Crown! Just because we don’t have a horse running for the crown this year should not discourage us from exploring some excellent NY Whiskey. What we have here is Breuckelen Distilling (in Brooklyn, N.Y.) 77 Whiskey Rye and Corn. This is an interesting Rye whiskey. Having never heard of Breuckelen Distilling I fortunately decided to take a chance on this one when I saw it sitting on the shelf at a local store. It was on sale for $40 and just reading the bottle, it provided me with the information that ALL whiskies should provide but often times, especially here in the US, we are bombarded with misleading information on labels….but that’s a post for another time. This bottle of 77 Whiskey tells me EXACTLY what it is, where it was made, and how old it is. I could do without the white wax seal but that’s my only complaint. 90% Rye, 10% Corn sourced from local NY farms, 439 days old, and aged in American Oak Barrels.

This is what they have to say on their site about this one:

“Local Rye & Corn is distilled on a Coffey style pot still which produces a cleaner, softer spirit in a single pass. We distill rye and corn mashes separately and blend them after maturation. Rye is a brash spirit, with rich spicy notes. Our methods tone down rye’s intensity, but retain its characteristic style and full flavor.

Distilled from 90% rye, 10% corn, aged in new American oak.”

The smell on this is what you expect from a good rye – fresh dill/rye spice, fresh cut grass, vanilla. Really nice smell on this

The taste is really nice – fresh clean dill and rye spice, sweet corn, vanilla…not a lot of different flavors but all are very bright and present.

The Finish is short but nice….not much changes from the rye spice and corn flavors

Very impressed with this one. There is also a Bottled in Bond version of this one and a 100% Rye. I can’t wait to get my hands on those. Not sure of the distribution on this but highly recommended if you can find it.

Overall Grade: B

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