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Breckenridge - Blind Tasting-A

Breckenridge Bourbon 43%

This was another Flaviar sample and I had sampled a Breckenridge years ago and honestly it didn’t leave much of an impression on me other than “Oh there is another craft distillery in Colorado that isn’t Stranahans?” I quite like this but I have to say that I am not sure I’ll go and purchase a bottle.

The smell on this is a huge blast of rye dill spice. Smelling and tasting blind I thought this was a rye whisky. As it turns out it’s very high rye (38%) and it certainly shows in the smell. Past the rye dill spice you can also get some traditional corn sweet caramel smells.

The taste, like the smell is dominated by the rye. Again…when tasting this blind I thought for sure this was a rye whisky but those sweet corn and caramel flavors show up after the initial rye blast. Very nice flavor on this.

The finish is short to medium, like the rest of this whisky it’s rye that fades into the corn sweetness.

Overall I think this is a good bourbon but not all will like it due to it’s high rye content. If you like bourbons with a good grassy rye dill kick to it then I suggest you try this one. I do like this but it’s a little boring overall for me. I feel like the Rye content is just enough that I want to go and grab a rye whisky instead of drinking this Breckenridge in front of me. It’s definitely a good bourbon and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a high rye take on a craft bourbon.

Overall Grade: C

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