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Booker's - Batch 2016-04

Bookers (Bluegill Creek Batch) 6yrs, 5months. 64% abv.

Bookers is the one of the 4 premium Jim Beam small batch bourbons and is barrel proof. It’s an excellent example of just how good Jim Beam bourbon can be.

The smell is really nice with burnt sugar, caramel, brown sugar, oak, mint.

The taste is awesome, even sipping it neat you get a blast of flavor. Caramelized Sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, oak, toffee. For being barrel proof this is really enjoyable neat or with some water.

The finish is long with the same Brown Sugar with some Cinnamon, Spice, Burnt Toffee Sugar and vanilla

Bookers is great, it’s certainly my favorite of the premium Jim Beams line. I have sampled multiple batches and I’ll post reviews on them later but all are good. I haven’t come across a bad Bookers yet. The price varies greatly but when you can get it in the $60-$75 range it’s well worth it.

Overall Grade: A

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